Meet Rene

Rene was born in Fresno, Ca in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley and raised in Reedley, Ca where he has attended public schools, run the family business and has been involved in the community since childhood. 

Upon graduation from Reedley High School, Rene enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and served as a Combat Engineer.  During his time in the Marines, Rene was deployed to Iraq and the African theatre.  

Rene left the Marines after six and half years and went directly into the California National Guard where he is still serving to this day. As a Guardsman, Rene has been rotated to Qatar and has been deployed for state emergencies including fire suppression, riot detail and patrolling our State Capitol.  Rene has proudly served his country for the last 14 years and counting. 

His commitment to Reedley where he currently resides is best demonstrated by his service on the Reedley Chamber of Commerce as a member of the Board of Directors, The Reedley Area Veterans Board of Director’s, Lions Club, The American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

In addition to military service, Rene is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration and running the family business, a responsibility he undertook since 2014.

Rene has two beautiful children, Rene Jr who is 11 and Helen who is 8 years old.